I am a tireless writer.

At least my wife doesn’t have to listen to me. She, like you, can pick and choose what looks worthy of reading (which I hope is everything).

Trying desperately to live a multidimensional life, I am (and in no particular order): husband, father, cyclist, professor, (very) amateur photographer, beverage memorabilia collector, keyboardist, Pez collector, RV enthusiast, avid reader, and web page tinkerer. I try to reserve a few hours each day for sleep.

A native suburban Chicagoan (Lansing, on the south side), I was educated in Indiana (undergrad at Anderson University, and MBA and PhD at Indiana University). In 1989 Becky and I packed up and headed west to Canyon TX, where I am Professor of Marketing and The Edwards Professor of Banking at West Texas A&M University. If you’re reading this at 2am and infomercials haven’t yet lulled you back to sleep, then visit my homepage. It’ll knock you out for sure.

 (Oh yeah…one last little piece of housekeeping: All text and photos are © by Dr. Nick Gerlich. All rights reserved. Eyeball as much as you like. Link to me freely.)



  1. hello! i luv your site, and I’m glad to meet another Christian blogger! stop by mine @ http://scripture4u.wordpress.com
    Keep in the Faith!!

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