Posted by: nickgerlich | July 1, 2008

Too All Beef?

Marketers are like shadows. You cannot never shake them, and they are always half a step ahead or behind you, depending on where the sun is. Wherever you go, there they are. And if by chance you find yourself someplace with no marketers, they will quickly figure out how to get there.

Take the Pony Express for example. I am sure when those noble horsemen started toting important messages across the hinterlands, their mailbag was weighted down with nothing but legitimate mail. But it didn’t take marketers long to invent junk mail.

And now we have to sift through daily piles just to find the important stuff. Which is usually just a bill we pay online anyway. After all, who still writes letters?

Big MacSo I was not surprised in the least when I saw that McDonald’s is leveraging MySpace for its latest campaign. Now you can go straight to their BigMacChant to find out how you, too, could have a chance at writing their next commercial.

We have all become accustomed to ads on MySpace, as well as indie bands building their own little shrines for followers, but MySpace is now taking a turn. When the companies start taking over entire pages instead of just the banner ads, you know that the site has changed focus. It’s not just about social networking anymore. No, it’s about selling hamburgers.

Truth be known, I can’t blame McDonald’s. There are about 110 million MySpace users, which makes 220 million eyeballs. Advertisers drool at such prospects.

And it’s no different over at Second Life, where companies build entire “islands” and campuses reinforcing their message. It may be an imaginary place, but marketing by any other name still has thorns. Linden dollars, US dollars, Euros, it matters not. The marketers want us to look at them.

What next, Twitter?

Dr “No Escaping” Gerlich


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