Posted by: nickgerlich | March 28, 2008

Braking Benjamins

This was so predictable, it almost doesn’t even need mention. I have said it before, and Chris Anderson at Wired Magazine is writing a book on it. The price of more and more stuff online is headed down…all the way to zero.

And I love it.

AdobeThe latest to join the free-for-all fray is Adobe with the release of Photoshop Express Beta this week. Combining the benefits of a data cloud storage site for pictures with the basic elements of Photoshop image manipulation, users can have their cake and eat it, too. Save those Benjamins for something else.

Granted, this is all amateur-level stuff here. Pro photogs need the real deal software (which runs about $600 and takes a lifetime to master), as well as a few terabytes for storage space. But the rest of us who just want to perform basic tweaks and manipulations, and then create an online gallery, will find this app to be one sweet deal.

And all of this makes computers like the MacBook Air seem all the more practical. Who cares that it does not have an onboard CD/DVD drive? In the coming years we won’t be loading software anyway, because we’ll be accessing it online (like Microsoft’s Office Live Work Space. Much of it will be free, while others will require a subscription.

If bank accounts could smile, mine would be grinning from ear to ear. I rather like the cha-ching of negative inflation.

Dr “Blow Me Away” Gerlich


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