Posted by: nickgerlich | February 13, 2008

Baby, Baby

Kids are a lot of fun. Expensive, but fun. No matter your initial resolve, they will take possession of your home, and turn it into an indoor playground. Plastic toys will be everywhere, not just in that one room in which you thought you could confine all juvenile activity.

And did I say this whole experience is expensive?

Baby PlaysThe toys are particularly draining on the pocketbook. Kids have an attention span of about…oh, there it goes again! They love the new gizmo you bought them for a few days, and then it is cast off to the Sea of Unwanted Stuff. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just rent the toys and be done with it?

Which explains why Baby Plays debuted last October. A Houston Mom realized that the Netflix model of movie rentals could just as easily work for baby toys. No doubt there was a Las Vegas marquee of lightbulbs going off in her head, for this is a stroke of genius. (Click here to read the article that was published today, and has generated so much attention that it caused their website to crash at least once this morning.)

Thus, for anywhere from $32 to $36 per month, parents can sign up to have a variety of toys shipped each month, for as long as they maintain their membership. Kids play with them, and then it’s over. New toys arrive; old toys disappear.

And your house doesn’t begin to look like a toy store.

Of course, there is one speck in the Petri dish…which is to say, of course, that once a child has drooled over a plaything for a month, God knows how many germs are on it. I do hope that Baby Plays sterilizes these things before sending them out to other families. Toys are not like DVDs; movies go into a machine, while toys are gravitationally attracted to the child’s mouth.

Still, this is a great idea, and yet another in my file of “I Wish I Thought Of That.” The Netflix/Baby Plays model is one that is scalable and adaptable, so I wouldn’t be surprised if other renditions follow suit.

In the mean time, we need to have a garage sale to get rid of some kid toys. We need to make room before Christmas rolls around again.

Dr “And My Wife Wants One More?” Gerlich


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