Posted by: nickgerlich | November 11, 2007

At Your Service

So I’ve been working outside a lot lately. I’ve been mowing, pruning, and cutting firewood, trying to get our acreage ready for winter. Of course, the way the weather has been lately, I think that November is the new October.

But I digress.

All that time spent outdoors is keeping me from getting my indoor stuff done…like painting, cleaning carpets, and thinning out some of my junk. OK, a lot of my junk. Which probably explains why we are just going to hire someone to do some remodeling for us. There simply is not enough time in the day to do it all.

And isn’t that the story of our lives these days? No one has enough time to get everything done. And even if there is enough time, there is seldom desire. It is often not only more convenient, but simply more pleasurable to just pay someone to do the job for you.

You probably don’t want to know how much I spend each month on services. I don’t And I’m not even talking about the services we could not begin to provide for ourselves, like cell phones, internet, and cable TV. No, I’m talking about things like dinner (I eat out at least once per day, mostly because I would probably starve if I didn’t), laundry and dry cleaning, landscaping services (a fancy term for the guy who mows your lawn). It seems like the bulk of our economy is based on people doing other people’s dirty work.

Do My is a website dedicated to helping buyers and sellers of services find one another. At minimum, it is glaring testimony to our changed culture. But more likely, it is a CraigsList for odd job seekers and jobs at odds, a social network for the haves and have nots of time and desire.

Of course, this whole “at your service” economy could come crashing down if the economy continues to sputter. If gas jumps to $4…if the stock market continues to tank…if home foreclosures continue at their present level…we could be in for a wake-up call. Suddenly we may no longer be able to afford the life that we outsourced. We’ll either do the job ourselves, or not do it at all.

Can anyone say sack lunch?

Dr “Getting Ready For The (Economic) Winter” Gerlich


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