Posted by: nickgerlich | September 19, 2007

Talking To Yourself?

In case you haven’t noticed, blogs are taking over the world. Like them or not, my students participate in mine every day for an entire semester. Sometimes there is moaning and complaining, but by the end of the semester, the support is usually almost unanimous (along with a few sighs of relief!).

Blogging Current blogging statistics show there are about 12 million Americans who currently maintain a blog. And the number is growing. Among the many free blogging sites are WordPress and Blogger. Anyone with an internet connection and a few words to say can launch a blog.

Of course, this begs the question of whether anyone outside the grip of my course requirements is actually reading blogs. We can only digest so much verbage, you know.

And there’s the issue of what Andrew Keen likes to bemoan: citizen journalism. In Cult of the Amateur, he lashed out at all who think so highly of themselves as to post commentary as if we were authorities on anything and everything.

I’m afraid Keen misses the point, though. It really matters not if anyone is listening, or if a person is indeed a registered authority on a subject. Blogging captures the essence of the 21C zeitgeist. For many it is a catharsis to let the words flow, not worrying about censors, editors, or guardians of the public good like Keen.

As with all things online, it’s caveat emptor. YouTube may be fun, but it has its share of inanity. And Wikipedia is written by people like you and me.

But I do not have a problem with this. The democratization of the internet that causes sleepless nights for Keen is the reflecting pond of a world screaming to be heard amid the din of paid hacks and lackeys droning on and on with messages that someone else wants you to hear or read.

There. I’m glad I got that off my chest.

Dr “Let Your Fingers Do The Talking” Gerlich



  1. I did not realize how HUGE an issue this blogging was until you read hours and hours of information on social networking!

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