Posted by: nickgerlich | September 2, 2007

Moving On

I love to look at old pictures. In a brief flight of fantasy, I am instantly transported to a time and place far, far away. I have often dreamed of what fun it would be to time-travel back to the 1950s just to experience what life was like back then, and to see if things really were better than they are now.

I am a collector of anything and everything associated with the beverage industry. As such, I have thousands of aging soda and beer cans and bottles dating back to the 1930s. I look at some of those old containers, feel the weight of their thick steel construction, and admire the often beautiful painted labels…labels that depicted a life far different from what we experience today in the 21C.

old shopping centerIf you could go back, what would you do? Would you try to alter history, like in Back To The Future? Would you merely tread respectfully and allow history to run its course? Or would you return to the present and try to turn back progress so that the future never gets here?

Sometimes I wonder what a few folks in Canyon TX are thinking. Just last Monday the City Commissioners met to reconsider the request from the local Pizza Hut restaurant to receive a beer and wine permit when they remodel their existing structure to also include a Wing Street franchise. Earlier, Planning and Zoning had approved the request, but the Commission had stumbled with it, needing more time to consider the implications of people being able to make adult choices in their fair village.

And so last Monday the Commission struggled once more, listening to citizens voice their discontent. But in the end, the Commission could not get the votes it needed to overturn the P&Z decision, and so Pizza Hut won by default.

Yes, Canyon will get another restaurant (to accompany Feldman’s Fieldhouse) where folks can legally drink a beer or glass of wine with dinner.

But to listen to the comments some people made, it sounds more like there are folks intent on keeping Canyon in the 1950s. Kind of like that picture above. Ministers are concerned about the “quality of life” and “family values,” while others said they simply “want things to remain the same.”

Culture being the dynamic thing that it is, we must accept the fact that things change…including how life is lived. We no longer (thankfully) live in the 1950s, in spite of the well-intended efforts of some to reinstate that decade. Never mind that this is primarily a southern concept, because elsewhere in the country the notion of people ating and drinking alcoholic beverages is a non-issue.

I am sure there will be sermons preached today in Canyon churches bemoaning this latest outcome. Boycotts will be staged of Pizza Hut, and some Commissioners may very well receive hate mail for not voting it down. I for one, though, am glad to see Canyon finally (albeit slowly) shedding the shackles of being restrained in a bygone era.

And for that matter, I am glad that people in this town will truly be allowed to make their own choices.

Dr “Looking Through The Windshield, Not The Rearview Mirror” Gerlich


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